The Maximum Fluoride Team

This website has been funded in the January of 2016. We are a team of 3 people and we will write about the best games, who are played by us and we have a confidence to write about them.

about us team

  1. Charles Dinka
    He likes to play a computer games a lot. He currently lives in a Dubai. He doesn’t want to share his photo. One of his game that he plays is Terraria game. He says: “I’m completely addicted to this game and since I don’t need to go to work, I can play this game all day long. That’s the best side of when you are living in Dubai 🙂 .”
  2. FuttyMa
    A game entepreneur who loves to play computer games, he currently plays Terraria Game and Broforce game. He lives in Poland.
  3.  The french guy
    His nickname says about him a lot. 😀 He is from france and also love to play game. He also plays the terraria game and it is a lot popular in the France. He currently lives in Paris and he is the original founder of the maximum fluoride team.