Madden Mobile Game Review

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Madden Mobile – is it good?

Football pleasure comes in various types for touch screen-based gaming. There are true football simulators that aim to recreate the action of the game as much as is possible with completely finger-established controls, and there are more arcade-style games that instead select to focus on a singular component of the game: running back jukes or field goal kicking, for example.

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In reality, the game is greatly more absurd than that description may mean. It is closer to Doodle Jump than a soccer game: You use the four buttons across the bottom of the screen to move your player left or right; you are nearer to the borders of the screen moved by the buttons further and a bit faster than the inner controls. You browse your man to prevent all the hurdles in his course as the display scrolls forever. Along the way, you’ll make an effort to pick up some power-ups (to blow up the visible defenders, gain Pac-Man-design invincibility for an instant, etc), with the ultimate goal being to see how many kilometers—that is right, metric system fans—you can run before you’re stopped. Even the Canadian Football League uses fellas, yards.

Does it seem real?

Not every Super Bowl turns out to be a thriller. For every classic game that ends with the likes of Joe Montana or Eli Manning pulling out a last-second victory, there are dozens of blowouts, many involving Fran Tarkenton. So it’s with mobile soccer matches—a few jewels tucked in among a gaggle of turkeys. If you’re intending to spend the build up to Super Sunday playing with a little football on your cellular device, my advice is to check out Madden Mobile Cheats. The other games feel more like super blahs.

The managements for Madden Mobile are excellent too. They can be very easy to learn and they make you run through a quick tutorial that’s actually enjoyable to do when you first start out. I liked the fact they put an analog stick on the display to control your QB and another player you happen to be now controlling. They made it enjoyable to play especially with the fishing gear button and spin move button, this makes you feel like you’re actually playing and not merely watching a match. Overall I think the controls for this particular game work Just right for the game and I really enjoy everything about them overall. I believe there was some serious thinking on the way the controls would used for this game and they did it right.